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Cytech Technology was established in 1975 and is one of the oldest motorcycle establishments in South Africa.

Cytech and its adventure touring division Tours for Africa is a pioneering adventure motorcycling company. For over 35 years they have consistently broken pre-conceived ideas and pushed the limits of innovation, creativity and endurance. Cytech sources the best overland motorcycle adventure equipment worldwide. If the product is unavailable Cytech commissions the product to be manufactured using technology and materials that exceed specifications in all categories.

Tours for Africa is the adventure-touring arm of Cytech and arranges rides, motorcycle tours and safaris that push the limits of both man and machine. Trips across Africa, crossing previously closed borders and into areas untouched by Western culture are the norm.

Like their motorcycles, Tours for Africa clients are pushed to the limit, sometimes doing as much as 2000km per day in the quest for the ultimate adventure touring experience.

In short, Cytech is no ordinary outfit; neither are the motorcycles and clients they serve and support.

Contact Cytech directly for a comprehensive price list on all makes and models of Motorcycles.

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